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Ważność tego ogłoszenia już wygasła lub płatność za to ogłoszenie jeszcze nie wpłynęła.
Dane podstawowe:
  • 1991
  • 312654 km
  • żółty
  • 8x4
  • 7 m3
  • 16 716 PLN 40 000 SEK +VAT
Opis dodatkowy
This truck has been checked by independent inspection engineer 8 June 2012. The truck is owned by one of the largest concrete producers and has been serviced regularly.
truck went through a full-service on Värmlands Motor authorized Volvo workshop September 13, 2011. Scanned service report attached to the images. Length, mm: 9800 Width, mm: 2500, Total Weight, kg: 34 800 Max payload, kg: 16 340 Load capacity (in Sweden), kg: 13 540 Instructions to the concrete pump included. 2 boxes of spare parts for the pump is supplied include: gaskets, drawbar, engine for a stirrer, kolvbytarverktyg, sensors. This is normal wear parts for the pump and allows the buyer can avoid downtime waiting for replacement parts. tires: axis 1, L = 11 mm R = 10 mm axis 2 = 10 mm R = 10 mm shaft 3 L = 18 mm and R = 16 mm shaft 4 rows = 18 mm R = 16 mm

NOTE: This is an export item. The item is sold with the understanding that the buyer undertakes to keep it out of Sweden. F2CCG1MA356672
First reg. / 1st traffic en. 1991-04-09
Vehicle year 1991
Ant. passengers 1
Gearbox MANUAL
Shaft Configuration Number of axes: 4
Engine kw: 234.0 Power Standards: ISO
Propellant Diesel
Towing No.
Inspection / insp. 2012-09-30
Curb weight / Lastv. 18460
Utrusting spare parts as per specification above. Remote control for concrete equipment. Water tank approx. 700 liters
Pump / Mixer makes Mecbo
Volume Mixer / Bin (m3) approximately 6 - 7 m3
Pumparm Reach length / height Length pumparm 19 meters, maximum pumping height of 23 meters.
Cooling the mixer / barrel Yes
Pump capacity (m3/hour) 35 m3 / h

This truck is sold on internet auktion, please visit the link below for more information, pictures and film of the truck.
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