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Make: Volvo
Model: FM500
Note: - Med Hiab X-Hipro 262EP-5 kran / With Hiab X-Hipro 262EP-5 crane.
Chassis no.: YV2XT40G3JA817619
Year: 2018
KM: 88,000
Engine model: 510 HK (375 kw)
Engine emission: Euro 6
Aircon: Yes
Axles: 8x4
Transmission: Automatisk
ABS: Yes
CE marked: Yes
Last MOT: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Weight kg: 19,500
Total weight kg: 34,650
License plates: Is not included, Registration certificate included
Is visually reviewed, but not fully tested in all functions: Yes
Water in the cooler OK: Yes
Engine oil OK: Yes
Engine OK: Yes
Transmission OK: Yes
Brakes OK: Yes
Visual condition (1-5) 5=best: 4
Technical condition (1-5) 5=best: 4
Description Very nice truck with Hiab X-Hipro 262EP-5 crane. With fixed bed that can both rear tip and side tip - - internal dimensions of bed: Length 5.7m x Width 2.46m x Height 1 m.. Can also run with 20 foot containers on the bed - and with iron plates (has holders in the drawer to put posts that can hold iron plates). ADR approved (may run with hazardous chemicals). Truck weight: 60,000 kg Total weight of trailer: 24,000 NB: The owner's logo is painted on each side of the cab and removal requires painting on the sides of the cab (In the pictures the logo is retouched away !!!). NB: Trailer is not included in the bid amount for purchase, but can be purchased for an additional price of DKK 200,000. Both side mounts on trailers can open automatically when wiring - Internal dimensions on trailer Length 5.65m x Width 2.46m x H 1.2m and total weight / load capacity of the trailer is kg 25,000 / kg 19,180. Volvo FM500 - Med Hiab X-Hipro 262EP-5 kran / With Hiab X-Hipro 262EP-5 crane.
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Remaining time:: 4 Days, 07:21:58
End Date and time CET:: 25 November 2020 09:50

Starting Price: DKK 250,000.- (€ 33,693.-)
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Current Price: DKK 1,098,500.- (€ 148,046.-)
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