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Ważność tego ogłoszenia już wygasła lub płatność za to ogłoszenie jeszcze nie wpłynęła.
Dane podstawowe:
  • 1992
  • 320 KM
  • 96643 km
  • 44 320 PLN 100 000 SEK
Opis dodatkowy
Country: SE
VAT: 25%
Przebieg: 96643 h
Cena kup teraz/Buy now price: 100000 SEK (Note! This object is sold via Buy Now. The stated price is a fixed price and is valid until 48 h before the countdown of the auction starts.)
ManufactureNumber: PH6X2Z01191069
FrontTyreSize: 315/80R22,5
RearTyreSize: 295/80R22,5
TruckType: diesel
InspectionGrade: 5

This object is sold on kvdpro.com either via our auction or Buy Now/fixed price. The fixed price is available up until 48 hours before the end of the auction. After that, the object can only be bought through an auction. All objects sold via kvdpro.com are tested or documented. We can help you with transport to the nearest Swedish port. Contact us on +46 (0)10 - 165 14 00 or on info@kvdpro.com and we will tell you more. See full description on kvdpro.com