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  • MAN
  • 2004
  • 3 138 PLN 700 EUR
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Container truck

Make: MAN

Model: 28,363


935.878 km at 22/06/2018

1st registration date: 25/02/2004

Year: 2004

Vin number: WMAH86ZZ34W053605

Matis: 7060


Engine cubic capacity: 11967 cm ³

Power: 265 kW

Gear box: Automatic or Manual

Euro 3

Suspension: Mechanics

Number of seats: 2

Number of axles: 3

Tires wear: Maximum grooves of 5 mm

Sledge hammer maximum allowed: 26000 kg

Total truck Dimensions: 845 cm x 245 cm x 300 cm


-Registration certificate (part I only)

-Certificate of conformity

-Certificate of Visit to the technical inspection (valid until 04/07/2019)

-Technical specifications sheet

-Identification report

Condition: Not tested

container system

Make: AJK

Model: NHS20-6430

Year: 2003

Maximum load: 20000 kg

Remark: For parts or to be reconditioned

Documents: See "Download" button below

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